Congratulations on your journey with Destination Israel! Each of the steps below is completely independent of the others, so they can be done at different times. Make sure to type your name (first, last) and email address each time you submit something on this page.
Note: deadlines for each item are independent of one another and vary depending on the program you applied for. Please refer to your acceptance letter to determine deadlines for each of the following items.


The first step is to make your Registration Payment in order to reserve your spot on the program. Please refer to your Acceptance Email you received directly from your Program Advisor for the amount and your deadline. Type in the number in the first box above. Do NOT type the dollar symbol ($). Click SUBMIT. A pop-up window will appear for you to follow a link to your payment page.

Your internship process will NOT begin until you make your payment. All online credit card payments incur a non-refundable 3.5% processing fee from the credit card vendor. Depending on your location, there may be an additional local non-refundable sales tax charge.


Health Forms

Your ultimate participation into the program is contingent on
acceptance of your health forms. Do not purchase your plane
tickets until your health forms have been approved.

Behavioral Agreement



Upload clear color copy of your passport

Flight Info